We were here on Saturday morning:


Cadenza had their grand opening on that day. Coincidentally I called in a few days before to ask about the classes and fees and was informed about the grand opening. So, there we were… all excited. :D

They have ‘early childhood programme’ for children below 4 years old and they offer free trial class too. So Mariessa and Afiq joined the class.

CadenzaClass1 CadenzaClass5

They sang, the danced, they jumped… Basically the 45-mins class is to introduce music to children. Mariessa had soooo much fun that she demanded we go there again the very next day! :D

I asked the teacher about what she thought of Mariessa and Afiq in class. I am more concerned about Mariessa since I know she tends to shy away from strangers. She did look a little scared throughout the session, I think. The teacher said Mariessa seemed like a very ‘calm’ kid. Hmmmm… ok….. if I have 10 words to describe her, ‘calm’ is not anywhere near that list. :D Maybe music calms her then? Haha. I wish! :D

The teacher also said, she thinks Afiq has natural talent for music. Talent.. AND rhythm! Wahhh.. berbunga2 la hati saya! :D

After the class, I asked one other teacher (she teaches piano), how do I know what class is the most suitable for Afiq. So she took Afiq around and introduced the instruments to him.

AfiqGuitarFirst it was the guitar. Ada gaya??

Afiqdrum1 Afiqdrum2

Then it was the drum.


Last but not least, the keyboard.

Right after all these Afiq said, “Afiq nak belajar drum, Mama!!” Hmmm.. why am I not surprised? :D

So we left Cadenza shortly after that, and tried out the newly opened…


Pappa Rich!

(Afiq and Mariessa was interrogating aunty ‘cikit’ who was with us that day, while waiting for their ‘Milo Dinosaur!)

… which is on the ground floor aje. Good arrangement eh? While kids pegi music class, Shahril and I can dating2 while mengeteh and mengopi here. Yay us! :D

AdreenaPappaRichBut of course si kenit will be asking… “What about me????”

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7 Responses
  1. Aunty Cikit Says:

    Comel nya muka si bulat!
    Caption bawah sesuai sangat pulak tu dengan facial expression dia. Hehe.
    Kira ok lah nak dating tak perlukan 'green light' anak2 dulu compared to other parents kan?

  2. Reez Says:

    okeh, keyboard i ade. guitar i beli. drum set pun ade, kids size...tapi abg sharil kene renovate rumah buat studio dulu la..hahaha

  3. Serene Says:


    Kalau nak dating.. memang green light manjang! :D

  4. Serene Says:


    better still, we'll move to a bigger house yang mmg khas ada studio! Amin! ;)

  5. Reez Says:

    Tu rumah sebelah tu, ambik sekali, tebuk dinidng tengah. Usah kate studio, badminton court pun boleh buat. haha...

    I would suggest keyboard/piano as first instrument. and guitar comes second.

    Drum tu, i yang buta muzik ni pun boleh je main. Inikan pulak after Afiq dah faham beat, cord, notes and what not later kan... uish, excited pulak i nak jadi PA for Afiq's show nanti ni. U jangan lupa ajar dia vocal pulak. hihih

  6. Serene Says:

    Dik.. Abg Shahril kata, rumah sebelah tu susah kalau nak beli, sebab x sama level kan dgn our house. Haha.. Yo-yo-ooo je nak beli rumah sebelah! hehehehe

    Oh yes.. I'm still contemplating whether to go for piano ke keyboard ke. Yang lain tu not in my list for now actually.

    Vocal? I kena masuk kelas vocal dulu ni! Echeh!

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