Wanted to write about the weekend since Monday, but somehow could not find the right time.

We started our weekend by doing something we’ve always thought of doing for the past 3 years but never did until that Saturday : take the kids to the playground early in the morning. :).

triptoTamanWhat made it extra special was the kids get to cycle to the playground! Oh they were the happiest (and probably the noisiest) kids in town that morning! :)


As soon as we get to the playground, she basically abandoned her bicycle and ran to the swing.


Just as happy as Kakak was. – Afiq was happily cycling around the huge playground. I thought I snapped some pictures of him cycling, but somehow takde. Maybe on Shahril’s phone instead.


This is at the 2nd playground we went to. There are 2 playgrounds in the area. Eh, 3 actually but we’ve never been to the 3rd one. :)

Went to see Dr M on Saturday afternoon. Alhamdulillah both Afiq & Mariessa were given clean bills of health. Syukur. :). Will write an entry about this soon, InsyaAllah.

Right after the appoinment with Dr. M, we went back to Jelebu and for the first time ever, I get to join Shahril & Afiq fishing!!! Yey! MIL has 2 kolam ikan kat belakang rumah you see, but I never get to join the boys since someone need to watch over the girls kan? Now that Bibik is here, apa lagi? :D

kolam1 This is Kolam 1. Kolam ‘ateh’ (atas) as they call it.


This is kolam 2 aka kolam bawah. :) They’re actually side by side. The atas bawah has something to do with the flow of water I think. ;)


Tauke besar kolam ikan! :D


Ni tauke keciknya.


Tauke besar tengah menurunkan ilmu kepada tauke kecil itu. :D

No pictures of me fishing or the fish I caught! Dapat 3 ekor oooooo.. 2 talapia and 1 tongsan! Wooohoooooo!!!

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