I’m in the middle of a crisis.

I can’t find a term to go with it though. I mean, I am much too young (ehem!) to be having a mid life crisis now, kan? Or worse the menopause, good God no!

Problem statement: I suddenly developed a liking towards handbags, wedges AND makeup!

This is such a dilemma for me because I was never, ever into all these things before. Ever! The only handbag I have is one of the hantarans during my wedding and I’ve only started using it hmmm…. last month. :D

backpack All these years I just find it more practical to use backpacks like this. My current backpack’s magnetic button is ripped off, so I was kinda forced to use the hantaran handbag, tup tup.. rasa suka pulak. Makes me feel more like a lady. Haha.

Wedges? Last year the only wedges I know is KFC’s cheesy wedges. Nope. Not kidding. I now own 2 pairs!

platform-wedges *All pictures are Googled*. In case Shahril doesn’t know what wedges are. Hehe. I’ll be surprised if he does. :D

And makeup? Unfortunately my definition of makeup is only confined to applying compact powder and lipstick. Whenever I feel extra rajin, put on mascara. Tu je. I have absolutely no idea how to use loose powder lah.. mineral powder lah (sama ke 2 ni?) and segala tok nenek. Belum masuk eye makeup lagi. Smokey eyes lah, apa ntah lagi. Don’t know how to use eyeliner also!

blackset ultimate-make-up-kit-lrg

Suddenly all these are making sense to me!

Maybe I should ask my GPS man to buy me these instead. Haaaa… ting!!!!(light bulb moment), I know… I’ll insist that he buys me this, and I will get that GPS thingy for HIS birthday in March instead (he couldn’t find Jabatan Imigresen Putrajaya earlier today, so that justifies my reason for buying it for him :P). Then I can borrow the  GPS thingy from him indefinitely! Win-win situation isn’t it? Oh I’m a genius! *pat on the shoulder*

Momster, once I have all those… can we arrange for a makeup class? Pretty please!!! Hehehehe.. :D



2 Responses
  1. Momster Says:

    It's been some time since I last donned full make up on myself too! :P
    But yeah, can provide you the basics anytime! Just holler ok?

  2. Serene Says:


    Can't wait! ;)