I recently discovered a new world of babywearing(BW). From the moment I discovered it until now, I’ve been wondering how on earth I didn’t discover it sooner. I mean I joined the world of cloth-diapering (CD) last 2 years or so and most people who are into CDs are also into BW (this is just from my observation) so it’s a wonder why I’ve never really paid attention to it.

Now that I’ve put my thoughts into words, I know exactly why. I was not attracted to those slings or pouches. I don’t know why. They just don’t appeal to me. But this new (only to me) soft structured carrier (SSC) is heaven sent, really!

So anyway, last 2 weeks I’ve been doing (almost) nothing else but read on SSC and Mei Tai (MT). God knows how much information I was trying to digest, it felt almost like I was preparing myself for an exam or something.

Finally I decided that I should give it a try. Then it was a matter of what brand to buy. Then, the pattern pulak. Fuhh… Online shopping isn’t that easy tau! :D

After alllllllll those clickings back and forth, I made my order on Monday… and 2 days later…. taraaaaaaa… it arrived! Thank you SO much Liz!

I only have a couple of (proper enough)  pictures to show for now since it was already Maghrib when we arrived home last night. Will definitely snap a lot more during the long weekend.

 BW1BW2Oh, Adreena was thrilled alright. When Shahril put her down, she cried and crawled back into it hoping that Shahril will pick her up again. :D

I even tried it with Mariessa. Terasa la sikit beratnya compared to ‘wearing’ Adreena, after all Mariessa weighs 15kg while Adreena is only 10kg now. :).

After trying it with Mariessa she told me,

Mariessa: Mama…. Mama kan… Mama kena la beli ni duaaaa… satu untuk Adeena satu untuk Kakak !

Mama: Mana boleh. Kakak kan dah besar? Mama tak larat nak carry kakak.

Mariessa: Ok. Ok. Macam ni.. macam ni. Mama dukung Adeena, Ayah dukung kakak!

Ayah: Huiiiii… patah bahu ayah, kakak!


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4 Responses
  1. Aber Says:

    sungguh nampak kegembiraan yg terpancar di muka 'Adeena' tapi sebaliknya pada ayah :)

  2. Ainil Says:


    Shahril tu dalam hati..."abis la abis la, mana2 pegi lepas ni kena kokkong Adreena"


  3. Aunty Mas Says:

    Macam ni macam ni, Ayah beli 2, Kakak kat belakang, Adeena kat depan...baru pinggang ayah balance.


  4. Ainil Says:


    Sgt menarik idea tu, Aunty Mas!!!! :D

    Kids are already asking... nanti balik kampung Atok, Aunty Mas ada tak? Aunty Pet ada tak?

    Bila I jawab Aunty Mas ada.. Aunty Pet tak tau lagi.. Mariessa tanya pulak.. Kenapa Aunty Pet tak tau lagi? Bila Aunty Pet nak tau? Aduhhhhhh.....