Was having lunch with ‘aunty cikit’ & ‘aunty aba’ when my phone rang for the ummpteenth time.

Afiq: Mama…. nanti Mama beli la Facebook untuk abang!

Mama: Hah? *terdiam*.

Afiq: Maaaa.. Mama dengar tak abang cakap ni?

Mama: Dengar… Mama dengar… Abang mintak Mama beli apa?

Afiq: Beli facebook… untuk abang! Kawan abang ada Facebook, abang takde Facebook!

Mama: *not sure whether the facebook he’s talking about is in fact the Facebook we know*. Facebook tu apa?

Afiq: Haaaaa??? Mama tak tauuuu Facebook tu apa? Kenapa Mama tak tau Facebook tu apa??

Mama: Ye la, Facebook yang abang cakap ni, Facebook apa?

Abang: Facebook yang dalam komiter (komputer) tu. Takkan la Mama tak tau?

Mama: Errr.. ok ok.. nanti bila Mama balik, abang tunjuk kat Mama Facebook tu k?

Abang: Ok lah. *clearly still not over the fact that Mama does not seem to know what facebook is*

How can a 5 year old wants a Facebook?

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I’m in the middle of a crisis.

I can’t find a term to go with it though. I mean, I am much too young (ehem!) to be having a mid life crisis now, kan? Or worse the menopause, good God no!

Problem statement: I suddenly developed a liking towards handbags, wedges AND makeup!

This is such a dilemma for me because I was never, ever into all these things before. Ever! The only handbag I have is one of the hantarans during my wedding and I’ve only started using it hmmm…. last month. :D

backpack All these years I just find it more practical to use backpacks like this. My current backpack’s magnetic button is ripped off, so I was kinda forced to use the hantaran handbag, tup tup.. rasa suka pulak. Makes me feel more like a lady. Haha.

Wedges? Last year the only wedges I know is KFC’s cheesy wedges. Nope. Not kidding. I now own 2 pairs!

platform-wedges *All pictures are Googled*. In case Shahril doesn’t know what wedges are. Hehe. I’ll be surprised if he does. :D

And makeup? Unfortunately my definition of makeup is only confined to applying compact powder and lipstick. Whenever I feel extra rajin, put on mascara. Tu je. I have absolutely no idea how to use loose powder lah.. mineral powder lah (sama ke 2 ni?) and segala tok nenek. Belum masuk eye makeup lagi. Smokey eyes lah, apa ntah lagi. Don’t know how to use eyeliner also!

blackset ultimate-make-up-kit-lrg

Suddenly all these are making sense to me!

Maybe I should ask my GPS man to buy me these instead. Haaaa… ting!!!!(light bulb moment), I know… I’ll insist that he buys me this, and I will get that GPS thingy for HIS birthday in March instead (he couldn’t find Jabatan Imigresen Putrajaya earlier today, so that justifies my reason for buying it for him :P). Then I can borrow the  GPS thingy from him indefinitely! Win-win situation isn’t it? Oh I’m a genius! *pat on the shoulder*

Momster, once I have all those… can we arrange for a makeup class? Pretty please!!! Hehehehe.. :D



At 11 months and 4 days, Adreena:

1. dah pandai merajuk. Will baring on the floor, put her face on her hand and buat2 menangis. Menangis buat2 yang sangat lah tak real. Tapi kalau dibiarkan aje, will turn into a real cry. :D

2. Dah berani berdiri and lepas lama2. But tak berani nak take a step forward lagi. Paling2 berani pun will hempas badan kat Mama or Ayah kalau dekat. If not, will sit down again.

3. is an entertainer. Suka acan2 abang and kakak. If abang and kakak gelak over her act, will repeat the act sampai abang and kakak tak larat nak gelak dah.

4. Can say Mamaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!! (Yeeeeharrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!)

5. Has 4 teeth; 2 atas 2 bawah.

6. Will terkam Mama/Ayah as soon as Mama/Ayah  balik kerja. If Mama/Ayah tak terus pick her up (sebab nak letak bag/notebook down dulu), will do her merajuk act!

7. just like Afiq, prefers biscuits and bread over rice, anytime!

AdreenaSunway Adreena @ Sunway Megalanes 3 days ago. Taken by a friend. Really love this photo. Sooooo round! :). Please don’t grow up too fast, angel!

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According to Google maps, it’s 9.3km or 18 minutes from my office to Menara Aik Hua.

Now, we all know for a fact that that 18 minutes can only be possible:

1. On 1st Eid, when no one else is on the road, which was of course not the case yesterday or maybe… just maybe… during odd hours of the day.. like maybe at 3 am? Definitely not at 2pm when everyone in KL seems to be on the road. Don’t you guys have office meh?… or

2. with the help of a GPS thingy which would tell the driver a few hundred metres in advance to turn right into Jalan P.Ramlee instead of having the driver stretching her neck and squinting her eyes trying to locate where the heck is the ParkRoyal Hotel before making a right turn which in the end resulting in the driver missing the turn because she just could not seeeeeeeeee the hotel! or

3. if the said driver, who obviously does not own her own GPS thingy had her GPS man with her instead. (That’s what her husband told her when she tried to justify why why why she needed that GPS thingy – that he is a better GPS than that square thing she was eyeing). As always, when it comes to anything money, an engineer can never win over an accountant, can she?! :P

So needless to say, it was not an 18-minute drive from my office to Menara Aik Hua. Not at 2pm. Not when I was the driver. :D It took me 60 minutes instead. It was not 9.3km either. I can’t say what’s the mileage exactly, because I had to make 2 U-turns, which did not really feel like U-turns in the first place because what really happened was I felt like a was going around in a big circle instead.

Now the funny thing was (it wasn’t so funny yesterday though), when I reached Jalan Raja Chulan after driving for 55 minutes or so, the whole place looked oh so very familiar to me. Only when I was right in front of Menara Aik Hua did I realize that it was the very same place where I attended a course for FIVE days in a row some time back!!! And I drove there all that five days!! Aiyo! *smack the back of own head (Gibbs style)*. (Whoever is clueless about who this Gibbs person is, please watch NCIS.. hensem orang tua itu! hehehehe).

Now we all know what GPS man is getting for his GPS-less wife for her birthday in January lah kan? La la la la laaaaaaaaa…..

We were here on Saturday morning:


Cadenza had their grand opening on that day. Coincidentally I called in a few days before to ask about the classes and fees and was informed about the grand opening. So, there we were… all excited. :D

They have ‘early childhood programme’ for children below 4 years old and they offer free trial class too. So Mariessa and Afiq joined the class.

CadenzaClass1 CadenzaClass5

They sang, the danced, they jumped… Basically the 45-mins class is to introduce music to children. Mariessa had soooo much fun that she demanded we go there again the very next day! :D

I asked the teacher about what she thought of Mariessa and Afiq in class. I am more concerned about Mariessa since I know she tends to shy away from strangers. She did look a little scared throughout the session, I think. The teacher said Mariessa seemed like a very ‘calm’ kid. Hmmmm… ok….. if I have 10 words to describe her, ‘calm’ is not anywhere near that list. :D Maybe music calms her then? Haha. I wish! :D

The teacher also said, she thinks Afiq has natural talent for music. Talent.. AND rhythm! Wahhh.. berbunga2 la hati saya! :D

After the class, I asked one other teacher (she teaches piano), how do I know what class is the most suitable for Afiq. So she took Afiq around and introduced the instruments to him.

AfiqGuitarFirst it was the guitar. Ada gaya??

Afiqdrum1 Afiqdrum2

Then it was the drum.


Last but not least, the keyboard.

Right after all these Afiq said, “Afiq nak belajar drum, Mama!!” Hmmm.. why am I not surprised? :D

So we left Cadenza shortly after that, and tried out the newly opened…


Pappa Rich!

(Afiq and Mariessa was interrogating aunty ‘cikit’ who was with us that day, while waiting for their ‘Milo Dinosaur!)

… which is on the ground floor aje. Good arrangement eh? While kids pegi music class, Shahril and I can dating2 while mengeteh and mengopi here. Yay us! :D

AdreenaPappaRichBut of course si kenit will be asking… “What about me????”

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Pernah tak jumpa orang yang tatkala menggunakan tetikus komputernya akan mengangkat-angkat tetikus tersebut setiap kali hendak menggerakkan tetikus tersebut?

Ohhh…. biar saya beritahu anda (let me tell you), selepas seminit…. bunyi tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap itu teramatlah menyakitkan hati.

Cuba lah kalau tak percaya, nescaya anda akan merasa sakit hati terhadap diri sendiri, ini kan pula kalau orang lain yang berbuat begitu! Cuba lah!

Sekarang, terpaksa saya mendengar lagu2 Maher Zain untuk menenangkan hati saya yang panas lagi berapi ini.

Tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap….


As we were in bed, before I read him his bedtime story:

Afiq: Maaaa, Diana kawan abang kat sekolah kan, dia kan, dia panggil mak dia Mommy!!! *giggle* *giggle* *giggle*

Mama: Oh ye? Tapi kenapa abang gelak?

Afiq: Ye la, ada pulak dia panggil mak dia Mamee Monster! Hahahahahaha

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Wanted to write about the weekend since Monday, but somehow could not find the right time.

We started our weekend by doing something we’ve always thought of doing for the past 3 years but never did until that Saturday : take the kids to the playground early in the morning. :).

triptoTamanWhat made it extra special was the kids get to cycle to the playground! Oh they were the happiest (and probably the noisiest) kids in town that morning! :)


As soon as we get to the playground, she basically abandoned her bicycle and ran to the swing.


Just as happy as Kakak was. – Afiq was happily cycling around the huge playground. I thought I snapped some pictures of him cycling, but somehow takde. Maybe on Shahril’s phone instead.


This is at the 2nd playground we went to. There are 2 playgrounds in the area. Eh, 3 actually but we’ve never been to the 3rd one. :)

Went to see Dr M on Saturday afternoon. Alhamdulillah both Afiq & Mariessa were given clean bills of health. Syukur. :). Will write an entry about this soon, InsyaAllah.

Right after the appoinment with Dr. M, we went back to Jelebu and for the first time ever, I get to join Shahril & Afiq fishing!!! Yey! MIL has 2 kolam ikan kat belakang rumah you see, but I never get to join the boys since someone need to watch over the girls kan? Now that Bibik is here, apa lagi? :D

kolam1 This is Kolam 1. Kolam ‘ateh’ (atas) as they call it.


This is kolam 2 aka kolam bawah. :) They’re actually side by side. The atas bawah has something to do with the flow of water I think. ;)


Tauke besar kolam ikan! :D


Ni tauke keciknya.


Tauke besar tengah menurunkan ilmu kepada tauke kecil itu. :D

No pictures of me fishing or the fish I caught! Dapat 3 ekor oooooo.. 2 talapia and 1 tongsan! Wooohoooooo!!!

Called her at 1030.

Mariessa: Mama… tadi kenapa Mama call Kakak ni? Kakak baruuuuuuu je nak makan!

Mama: Ohhh ok ok. Kakak pegi la makan dulu. Nanti later Mama call again ok?

Mariessa: Ehhhh.. takpe takpe. Sekawang pun boleh cakap!

** bla bla bla….. byk dia cerita… abang dah pegi sekolah… abang tak balik lagi… bibik dah goreng keropok… sedapppppppppppp….

Mama: Adreena buat apa tu?

Mariessa: Dah dah dah… Kakak nak makan.. byeeee.. I lav youuuuuu!


I was busy the whole Friday afternoon that I didn't get to call home to check on the kids as usual.

Friday traffic jam was really bad (as expected), so I got home a little late.

Upon seeing me, Mariessa dgn muka & nada yang sedih syahduuu sangat2 said, "Mamaaaa, mama tak telepon kakak pun petang tadi. Kakak tungguuuuu tapi Mama tak telepon pun. Mama lupa ehhh?"

Aduhhhh, sedihnya hati saya ni Tuhan je la yang tau.

Ohhh sayang Mama, takde sesaat pun Mama tak teringatkan anak2 Mama, sayang.

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Shikin commented to me yesterday that the “loceng bentuk itik bertenggek atas handle” basikal Mariessa was actually a bee… with red tentacles some more. :)

Took a closer look this morning and true enough, it’s a bee indeed! :D The day yang beli tu tak perasan. :D

IMG00220-20101015-0717 IMG00222-20101015-0718

Tak mandi pun dah berseri seri sebab dapat main basikal



Adreena tengokkkk je. “Wait til I get my hands on kakak’s bicycle!”

(saya cukup tak kreatif la nak bubuh tajuk! Kadang kadang, entry yang 55 baris 10 minit aje dah siap… tapi nak fikir tajuk… huiiii… setengah jam menung!).


Called home just to check whether Afiq’s back from Little Caliphs. He answered the phone, which rarely happens because Mariessa's usually the one standing by the phone.

Afiq: Mama.. hari ni Abang dengan Kakak tak gaduh pun Mama. Main elok2 je.

Mama: Ye ke? Ni Mama tak tanya.. tiba2 jawab ni, mesti ada gaduh tadi.

Afiq: Mana adaaaaaaaaa.. betuuuuullll.. tak gaduh.

(Semalam, Shahril & I gertak the kids, kalau hari ni gaduh2 over the bicycles, nanti petang we will angkut the bicycles back to kedai and jual balik kat kedai tu! Diorang ni, kalau satu basikal tu dah tentu gaduh berebutkan yang satu. Kalau dah dua.. trust me, mestiiiii nanti nak berebut basikal yang sama.. hence the gertak. :D )

Mariessa came to the phone a split second later.

Mariessa: Mama.. Mama.. tadi kan.. kakak nak pegi chinnn.. Mama ni, jangan lah telepon kakak masa kakak nak pegi chinnnn.. kacau tauuu kakak nak chin….

Mama: Laaaa.. mana la Mama tau bila kakak nak chin.. Dah chin ke belum ni?

Mariessa: Dahhhh… Hehehe. Mama, mama! Hari ni Kakak tak gaduh pun dengan Abang. Kakak main elok elokkkkkkk je

Mama: Ye ke? Very good!

Mariessa: Mama… petang nanti Mama  dengan Ayah nak juhaaa (jual) ke tak basikel kakak dengan Abang?

Mama: Kalau tak gaduh, Mama tak jual lah!

Mariessa: Yeyyy… Tadi kan kakak gaduh sikit je. Eh! (dia terkedu sebab terlepas cakap) *pause*……..  Tapi kan Mama kan.. gaduh kejappppp je, pastu eh, dahhhhh tak gaduh dah. Kakak dah salam Abang dah! Mama tak juhaaa kan basikel kakak kan?

Dah tauuu dah, miracle kalau tak gaduh tu! :)

-IMG00209-20101013-2030 IMG00021-20100916-1606

Last night tiba2 je Adreena bangun berdiri tegak without holding on to anything or anyone! :) Afiq was so amazed by it that he just could not stop telling everyone about it! :) I guess Adreena will start walking very soon. Whoa, cannot imagine having 3 running kids in the house. Sedangkan 2 running + 1 crawling kids ni pun dah kecoh. Adreena tu.. tup2 masuk bawah meja.. tup2 bawah kerusi. Lajuuuu je dia.

IMG00158-20101009-1237  IMG00057-20100925-1224


Afiq is still very much into Ben-10 these days. So much so that on his Ben-10 mood days he will say his name is Afiq Naqiuddeen BEN TEN Shahril! :D I think it’s cute tho. :D

IMG00131-20101003-1351 IMG00144-20101008-1354

After this ordeal back in 2009, I was conviced that I would never, ever, EVER go down that road again. Tak kira la penat macam mana pun, rumah berselerak macam mana pun, serikkkk sgt rasa nak ber-maid lagi.

Tapi tu lah. Kadang kadang Allah has another plan for us kan?

Since I started sending the kids (Conchies as Ngah calls them – to geng-kan dengan her Monchies) to the nursery, as expected… selalu lah diorg kena selsema lah… demam lah… batuk lah.. adaaaaa je. So much so, sampai naik risau jugak lah saya kalau2 anak dah lebih quota nak ke klinik as covered by the Company’s Insurance. No more than 24 visits per yer, per child – that’s the limit.

Then in April… just before his 5th birthday Afiq was admitted for his asthma. Padahal, the last time he was admitted was when he was just a year old.

And just 4 days after his 5th birthday, he was admitted for this pulak.

I thought… oooookayyyyyyy….

Then in July… Mariessa pulak…..

So Shahril & I thought, enough is enough lah. Kesian tengok anak2 yang tak habis2 sakitnya.

So, nak tak nak… here we are. Down that road again. Hopefully, this road won’t lead us to the same place we fell before. InsyaAllah.

So Bibik, as we call her… or BibikTwo whenever Ngah’s Bibik (BibikOne) is around, arrived together with BibikOne on Saturday October 2nd. BibikTwo is a good friend of BibikOne, and although that does not guarantee anything solid, I am hoping that they are ‘2 birds of a feather flock together’ kinda friends. Hopefully.

Alhamdulillah, today is the 14th day she’s been with us, and so far everything has been good. Syukur Alhamdulillah. Harap2 berterusan mcm ni.

Panjang pulak mukaddimah. Sebenarnya nak cerita pasal anak2. Hehe.

So….. since kids are at home now instead of the nursery, macam2 lah dah ceritanya. :)

I’m happy that I can just call home any time I feel like talking to the kids. The first few days tu, I called.. Mariessa memang happy lah. Masuk je 2nd week ni, dah macam2. 2 days ago when I called, as soon as she heard my voice she said, “Ohhh Mama ke yang telepon, kakak nak Ayah!”  Chisssss… Hehehe. Selang 2-3 minit, she said. “Mama, mama jangan la telepon sekawang.. kakak nak main ‘basikel’ ni!”

Semalam it was “Mama… kenapa Mama telepon ni? Kakak nak tengok tv ni tauuuu!”

And just 5 minutes ago, Shahril called to say that Mariessa has already made plans for all of us this evening. “Ayah, petang nanti.. Ayah, Mama, Abang, Kakak, ‘Adeena’ dengan Bibik, semuaaaaaaaaa kena pegi pasar malam k?” KENA pegi ok? :)

Pagi2 semalam, before Afiq went to school, dah bergaduhhhhh 2 beradik tu berebutkan basikal yang satu. Entah angin baik hati manaaaa pulak melanda Shahril (hehe), maka petang semalam.. terusssss dibelikan satu lagi basikal untuk Mariessa pulak. Basikal yang sedia ada tu was Afiq’s 3rd birthday present two years ago.

Dah tentulah basikal ni Mariessa pilih sendiri. Menepati semua piawaian yang ditetapkan ok? Ada rambu ramba kat handle, ada bakul, ada pulak loceng bentuk itik bertenggek atas handle dia tu. Oh and the MOST important criteria.. of course lah the colour! Tak payah teka pun dah tau colour apa tak ke? Hehe

MariessaBicycle1Apa je yang tak pink??


Afiq ada sikitttt lah rasa tak puas hati… “kenapa basikal Kakak lagi besarrrrr daripada basikal Abang?” – Alamak!


Eh, yang kecik pun mana boleh kalah! Nampak Adreena dah besar dalam gambar ni kan?

IMG00203-20101013-1907  IMG00205-20101013-1907

Heran dia tengok Abang ngan Kakak excited benor!


Memang dah besarrrr pun actually. :). She’ll be 1 in a month’s time, wow!


-- Pagi2 tadi dah dengar Mariessa kasik warning kat Afiq… “Abang, abang tauuuu tak… kalau boy kan… tak boleh tau naik ‘basikel’ girl! Girl je boleh naik ‘basikel’ warna pink tau!”.