All pictures are courtesy of Little Caliphs Prima Saujana.


Alhamdulillah, he’s now one of the members of  “1st Batch of Elite Readers 2011” (fluent readers in Bahasa Malaysia)

My heart swells with pride looking at this picture. Alhamdulillah

Full story here.


AfiqAikidoTryBaju Afiq trying out his Aikido attire.


Afiq Aikido

(No idea where Mariessa is, hehe).


Afiq AikidoInAction

In action. This is during trial class I think. The one that terrified  Mariessa. :P


Full report here. ;)

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4 Responses
  1. Unknown Says:

    Salam, thanks for joining our mini giveaway. All the best!

  2. Serene Says:

    Salam.. thank you! :D Am still very much in love with 'The Stork' I bought some time last year by the way. :D

  3. Lisa Says:

    Hahahaha this reminds me of my first Aikido class back during our Lembah Pantai years!

    Yana and I attended our first AND last Aikido class.Reasons?The teacher was my cousin& his wife (and I takut giler ngan dia sebab he's quite garang) and secondly,the basic lesson that day was the 'waddling' thingy...I ngan Yana sakit kaki 2 minggu lepas tu.I think Yana went for ANOTHER class, but I gave up totally.Biarlah angan-angan Aikido ku tinggal memori.

    Seriously, the waddling thing killed it for me.I was expecting cool crazy moves like Steven Seagal (back when he was cool).Epic gagal.

  4. Serene Says:

    Lisa.. you did? Wow.. I don't even remember ada Aikido class back then. Where was I? How come you girls pegi tak ajak? *go the corner and merajuk*


    Afiq seems to enjoy it a lot. Mariessa enjoys watching! Ntah apa2 budak tu. Tapi Afiq malas nak bawak baju Aikido every Thursday boleh tak? Berat dia kata. Lagi ntah apa2. Mariessa la jadi tukang angkut baju Abang.

    Let's see what kind of moves Afiq shows me nanti. Hehe

    How I miss you and Yana! Cepat la balik.. we go to Kelate jom?