* I wrote this on May 12th, but didn’t get to publish this until today as blogger was down for a few days. *


I was in the surau today, waiting for Zuhur while listening to a few kakak-kakak telling each other of how they celebrated Mother’s Day last Sunday. One kakak brought her Mom to Sogo and let her mom shopped. (Her mom wanted a new handbag). Another one bought a super yummy cake from Secret Recipe to celebrate. The other one.. errr I forgot what she bought for her mom. :). Can’t help but to wonder what it would be like for me if Ummi was still around.


My sisters & I  visited Ummi’s resting place on Mother’s Day this year.




Rumput tengah panjang kali ni.


I don’t usually bring Afiq & Mariessa, but on Sunday decided to let them come with us. After reciting do’a, Mariessa seemed very confused. “Mama, Mama kata kita nak pegi tengok Opah?”


I think it will be a few years before she can grasp the idea of death, visiting the grave etc.


Sesi mengeteh lepas ke kubur.


The day before, we visited the latest addition to the 443 clan…


Aqil Faqiheen Mohd Aidil Sufqy. 7th grandchild of Arwah Opah & Atok.


- Today is my parents 40th wedding anniversary. Happy Anniversary, bah! -

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  1. woould have felt the same if i'm still working or even went out that day (kat labuan ni nak sopping apa ngan mak selain kedai kain..hmmphh)Al-Fatihah to both our mothers!

  2. Serene Says:

    Ja.. *hugs*