It’s the 10th day of the MC.. and I have to say I dread going to the office tomorrow. 10 days flew so quickly it felt like 2 days!

I am truly thankful to be given this 10 days to just stay home and (supposedly) do nothing. This is, indeed one of the many hikmahs of what had happened, I know. Just to be able to spend time with everyone at home is such a big blessing.

The night after the D&C, Shahril and I came home to worried faces of Afiq & Mariessa. My MIL and Wan also came from kampung, siap bawakkan lauk untuk org berpantang. :). BIL and family also came to visit. I especially love how Afiq and Mariessa hovered over me… for instance when we were having dinner that night, I was about to go for the black pepper grilled chicken when Afiq asked, “Mama, Mama boleh ke makan tu? Doctor kata apa? Dia bagi ke Mama makan ayam?” or later that night when I felt dizzy and Shahril brought me to the room for me to lie down, Mariessa came to check whether I was OK and before leaving the room she said, “Mama OK ke sorang2 dalam bilik ni? Kakak nak pegi main dulu dengan Sufia (her cousin my MIL brought along) boleh tak? Kakak tutup pintu k, Kakak tak nak nyamuk masuk sini (padahal nyamuk is never a problem for us at home). Kalau Mama nak apa2.. Mama panggil Kakak k?” :D.

I let myself just be lazy this time, and it felt really good. :). Ada kawan2 pesan, kena berpantang macam lepas bersalin, tapi saya rasa agak ‘pelik’ nak berpantang. So, saya ikut mana yg rasa logic aje. :). One thing i discovered is that, best rupanya pakai stokin dalam rumah all the time. Haha. Tak tau lah kenapa masa berpantang sebelum2 ni tak pernah rasa best pun.

After a few days, maybe seeing that I was getting better.. Afiq one night hinted, “Mama.. Mama dah lama lah tak buat donat”. Mariessa pulak tambah, “Mama.. Kakak rasa macam nak makan donat lah. Mama boleh ke buat?”.

I thought why not? Breadmaker pun dah lamaaaa tersimpan aje.

Donuts Ada sapa2 reti buat chocolate topping for donuts?

Bila dah mula masuk dapur.. tiba2 angin rajin datang (jarang2 berlaku ni)..

NasiLemak Nasi Lemak for breakfast one fine morning, complete dengan rendang kerang all the way from Mesra. TQ Ngah!

Next project was muffin. Ni konon2 buat surprise kat the kids. Afiq of course is my biggest fan. ;)



Simple Chocolate Chips Muffin.

Last night, tiba2 terasa nak buat roti pulak. Tak ingat bila last buat roti pun.


Cadangnya nak buat sausage bun je..




Tapi doh ada lebih sikit.. and kebetulan ada left over sambal tumis.. so, sumbat aje la.. :)

I know I’m going to miss the kids so much tomorrow when I’m at work. I’m going to miss them shouting “Mama! Mama!” when the van dropped them off from school, as if they haven’t seen me in days! I’m going to miss spending the mornings only with Adreena at home. I’m going to miss having Shahril home for lunch. :(

AfiqMarch MariessaMarch

AdreenaAriani1_1 ShahrilLunch (You can never guess what Shahril was watching oh so seriously like this… it’s Chuggington!)

4 Responses
  1. The Momster Says:

    Going to work means you are somehow feeling much better! Good to hear you are really feeling better dear! :)

  2. Serene Says:


    If I could help it, I would have added 10 more days to the MC! Haha. Not because I'm not well, but because I'm so lazy already. Hehe.

    Can't wait to see your 'catch' during your shopping spree. Some pics please? :D

  3. maya amir Says:

    good to hear u're ok now.. dah bake bagai tu..lps gian memasak nmpk gayanye..heheh...

  4. Serene Says:


    Tu la tu.. budak2 tu pulak macam tau tau je. Macam2 idea mintak Mama buat... I needed some activities at home anyway. Plus tengok muka diorg berseri2 after the baking sessions, berbaloi! Rasa macam Mama la paling terror masak dalam dunia ni. Hahahahah

    Hope your treatment in KB goes well!