For the first time ever, (is it really? I have no idea why I’ve never done this before).. a food review.:)
Shahril & I saw this restaurant on our way back from the bank last night.

The moment I saw “Chinese Muslim Cuisine”… I’m hooked!

So, we decided to have dinner there tonight. 
 What does Homst mean? Anyone?

Very simple, very clean interior.

What's on the menu...

 Ok, I got carried away, rasa macam nak order semua! 

But Shahril is not a big eater, and I.. well, I try to eat smaller than Shahril does.. (yeah right :P).. so…
Yup.. just this.

Haha.. Who am I trying to fool? :P That is small plain rice.. priced at RM 1.20 per plate. Bila dah balik rumah baru I realized though, the bill stated RM1.50 x 2. According to the menu 1.50 is for a bigger portion. Oh well.
The first to arrive - Kangkung Belacan (Small – RM 7). Smelled so sedap! The portion is big enough for 3 people I think. In our case, I have to finish this lah, Shahril macam budak kecik, kalau sayur.. kena paksa dia makan.. :P The kangkung was crunchy, the belacan was just nice.. A little too salty kalau ratah macam tu je, but kalau dengan nasik, perfecto! Oh.. a little pedas for me, but Shahril kata… “tak pedas pun?” – pastu minum air. :P
This one is called Wet Buttered Chicken (Small – RM13). When it first arrived, I thought Whoa, it looked almost exactly like Masak Lomak Cili Api,who would’ve thought?! Siap dengan cili api bits lagi. Hehe. When I tasted it, memang rasa macam masak lomak cili api, only creamier! Haha. I like this a lot. This was very very nice, but.. still a little too pedas for me. I have to warn you though, my ‘too pedas’  usually means very mild to my siblings.. so you might not want to take my word on the kepedasan. :D Kalau ada bun, cicah dengan kuah dia… huiii… sodap!

Fried Wantan (RM 3.80 for 5 pieces). This, sebulat suara was our favourite! The filling was unbelievably tasty! Two thumbs up.

and our drinks:
Iced Barley (RM2) for me and Iced Lemon Tea (RM1.50) for Shahril.

The bill for tonight. Not bad at all I think.
In case anyone is interested to try out. :). I’ll definitely come back for more. Cantonese Kuey Teow is next, most definitely! :D

10 Responses
  1. The Momster Says:

    We used to frequent Homst at Kota Damansara n TTDI. I always ordered their soupy noodles only though.

    Good to hear u had a hearty meal!

  2. Serene Says:

    Hi Momster! :D

    Am glad they decided to open up a branch so close to home.

    Now if only Doli Kuey Teow makes the same move. Haha. Have yet to try it. :D

  3. alaa.....nak jugak!!!bila dapat makan chinese muslim lagi...i think last one masa arwah my mom ada,that was last year...iskk..iskk..

  4. Unknown Says:

    Aik?! the HQ & Kota Damansara Branch was not so far from my place and why I do not realize this?

  5. Serene Says:

    Ja... nanti bila balik sini.. meh datang Kajang. Kedai ni 'depan' rumah aku je ha... Hehe

    Mr Pirate.. amende la lu lanun.. tak abis pusing kawasan sendirik lagi ni.. :P Sila lah cuba. :D

  6. SPIweb Says:

    enil..go n try hj sharin low nye restoren plak..the salted yolk crabs..walla!..oh..buttered prawn somemore..yummie!

  7. Serene Says:

    Nun! Dah pasang niat dah nak gi makan kat situ... Errr.. dia ada kat Bukit Antarabangsa kan? Tapinya ntah bila la nak pegi.. Ada kat mana lagi ek? Heard a lot about it too actually.

    Kena tunggu dia bukak kedai kat Prima Saujana kot. Haha.

  8. SPIweb Says:

    le ni da byk da cwgn dia..jln ampang, s.alam, kelang, sri gombak..p jgn x p naaa..;)

  9. Che Ta Says:

    hi.. just browsing tru and found this blog.
    i like homst too! but yet to try the buttered chicken yet.
    the KD branch susah nor nak cari parking
    maybe you want to try their beef ginger noodle next.
    their sweet n sour fish also sedap! but tomyam is just so-so la for me..
    if u like chinese muslim, maybe can try this too:
    1. nasi ayam muhd chan - they have other chinese-cooked food other than nasi ayam, or maybe try nasi itik with peace of mind haha
    2. dong yi shuen.. or shomething. it has closed its premis at KD but reopen kat kelana jaya, near giant and nasi lemak cikgu. not many choice but ok la to taste the northen chinese food (ku agak je la haha) fabeles dimsum


  10. Serene Says:

    Hi Che Ta..

    Thanks for dropping by. This branch kat Prima Saujana Kajang is relatively new and parking is ample.. so mmg senang la kitorg nak pegi. Beef Ginger noodle? Yummsss.. will definitely give it a try next! :D

    Muhd Chan tu, i know there's one in Bangi.. tapi so far the reviews i read mcm tak best sgt... and a bit pricey.

    Dong Yi Shuen.. there's one kat Summit tak ke? Have never tried it, but dengar je dimsum rasa mcm terus nak pegi.. Haha...