When I posted my last entry, I was actually planning to write on my whole D&C experience as soon as I could for me to remember and maybe for others who’s looking for information… and I thought I would be able to do so the moment the anesthetics has worn out. But obviously that didn’t happen.

Continuing from my last entry, after inserting my IV line, I asked NSH what’s next and she told she’ll be coming around 12 to give me an injection. Dengar je perkataan ‘injection’ tu, saya pun terus blur.. and didn’t ask further.

Nothing happened in between that time to 12, except I almost finish watching Julie & Julia (very good movie, it turns out). At about 12.10, NSH came. Baru tu lah saya tanya.. injection tu untuk apa & kat mana, and she said it’s to ‘bagi bleeding banyak lagi… pastu bagi ada contraction la sikit’ and it’s given kat punggung. Aiyak.

For the record, I can safely say that the injection kat punggung tu was the most painful part of the whole thing. To some people, that pain can possibly be neglected all together, but for me, that was the highlight lah. Hehe.

Once that’s done, NSH told me that at around 2, a nurse will come and bring me to the labor room.

True enough, not long after the injection, I felt some pain. Not as intense as ‘real’ contractions are, but enough to make me me feel uncomfortable. I could feel I was bleeding more heavily and for some reason I did not dare move. I had this strange notion that if I move, blood will just gush out and that scares the heck out of me.

As the time was approaching 2 pm.. I got more nervous. Masa ni mula la datang mengada2 saya kan. Wanted Shahril to sit on the bed with me lah, wanted him to hold my hand lah, asking him whether he loves me or not lah. Mula2 dia layan jugak lah, dah lama2 tu..he just said..”dah.. dah.. jangan fikir bukan2. InsyaAllah, semua OK nanti”. Tu kira dah malas nak layan la tu. Hehe.

At 2.05 pm, a nurse came with a wheel chair……


(to be continued)


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