It’s Shahril’s 36th birthday today. Didn’t do much, except we went out on a date last night to watch Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa.. and I bought him a cake today.


Bought the cake from Anna, whose blog I found via Ida. :) Was pleasantly surprised to find out that we’re staying in the same taman and that prompted me to order from her. :) It was nice meeting you Anna! *waves*



Oreo Cheese Cake. Yummmyyyyyy!!!

(I ordered this a few weeks ago, when I was evidently craving for everything Oreo.. from the cookies, to Oreo McFlurry to Oreo Cheesecake. It hurt a little today when picking it up, recalling why I chose this particular cake. :( )


He turns 36 today! :)



Singing happy birthday to Ayah. Just us.

(Afiq was a little disappointed that I invited no one else. In his words: “Aaaaapaaaaa?? Kita je? Kenapa Mama tak ajak ramai2?”. )


Orang lain dah habis nyanyi.. Adreena baru nak start! :P


AfiqMariessaBdayAyah1 AfiqMariessaBdayAyah2

Shahril went out for a haircut while I went to pick up the cake with Afiq and Mariessa in tow. Bought some balloons as well while buying the candles. Told them not to mention a thing when Ayah comes home, knowing very well they will surely do anyway. The moment Shahril came back…

Afiq: Ayah… takde beli kek punnnnnnnnnnnn….



To my dearest husband, Happy 36th birthday, love. Thank you for your love, your wisdom and above everything else… thank you for being my strength when I am at my weakest.

I love you with all my being.



Nota sedih: 2 years ago on his 34th birthday, I surprised him with a present: wrapped nicely in a box was a positive pregnancy test kit. A test I did 2 mornings earlier – I was 5 weeks pregnant with Adreena then. I cannot help but to wish the exact opposite didn’t actually happen this time around.