The next thing I know, the nurse was calling my name. I felt like I was in a deep deep sleep. I tried opening my eyes, but I don’t think I succeeded. From then on everything was ‘on and off’. I thought I felt they were pushing the bed and then I was out again. Moments later I felt them moving me again.

I drifted in and out of consciousness after that but everything was quiet. I opened my eyes a few times and I knew I was back in Melur. Saw Shahril hovering over me, calling my name but by the time I wanted to answer I drifted out again..

But during one of those times that I was concious, I heard Shahril whispering into my ear…”Alhamdulillah” and I felt kisses on my forehead and on my cheeks. It was THE sweetest thing ever, and I knew I was going to be alright.

When I could finally open my eyes and (held them open), I heard Azan (Asar). Shahril came beside me the moment I turned my head, asking if I needed something to drink.

I waited for the pain to come or at least any kind of soreness. But Alhamdulillah, no pain, not even sore.

I drifted in and out of sleep still.. but longer intervals  this time. At 5.30, I finally had Milo and bun jagung. :D (I asked Shahril to buy me Milo and roti when he went for lunch, just in case I would be hungry after the D&C, and I thought it was sweet that he bought bun jagung because it’s my absolute favourite & I didn’t know he noticed. For a guy yang kadang2 beli susu anak pun boleh tersalah flavour setelah dipesan beberapa kali (it’s plain tau.. not honey.. the packaging is white.. not yellowish, tengok betul betul tau) and still comes out of the store with a honey flavoured one, a small detail like this definitely means a lot. (See how easy it is to please a woman?).

Nurse came at about 5.40 to tell us that when I feel OK enough, we can go home. She said maybe 8- 8.30 is the best time to go home.

Afiq called at 6pm.. sounding worried.

Afiq: Mama.. Mama kat hospital lagi ke ni?

Mama: Iyer.. Sekejap lagi Mama Ayah balik ok?

Afiq: Tapi.. Abang nak pegi tengok Mama (on the verge of crying).

Mama: Takpela.. Abang tunggu je kat rumah. Sekejappppppp lagi, Mama Ayah balik ok?

Afiq: Mama balik la cepat. Abang rindu sangat kat Mama.

Mama: (nak nangis dah masa ni). Mama pun rinduuuuu kat Abang. Abang tunggu Mama k?

Afiq: Ok.. Mama cakap ngan Kakak pulak…. Kakak… come cakap ngan Mama

Mariessa: Mama.. Mama… (nangis)

Afiq: (whispering): Kakak… cakap ngan Mama.. Kakak rindu kat Mama.. nanti Mama balik

Mariessa: Mama… (nangis)… Kakak rindu kat Mama…. Mama balik la….

Mama: OK sayang.. Mama siap2 sekejap.. lepas tu Mama balik k?

I didn’t feel like staying at the hospital anymore after the call.. so at 6.30 I told Shahril I’m ready to make a move. Took my time to get up.. change.. and right after Shahril performed his Maghrib prayer, we headed home.


5 Responses
  1. thanks for sharing dear...thought D&C was a "simple" procedure..saspen la jugak bila baca yr experience...but at least now i have an idea what it really is :-) get well soon!take care!

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  3. Serene Says:

    Hi Ja..

    I guess.. kalau ikut 'procedure'nya.. it is really a simple one. But for those going through it like I did.. the emotional turmoil tu yang makes it no as simple as it seems. :)

    You too.. take care.. Dah naik takhta balik eh? :D

  4. maya amir Says:

    ainil..aku pnh dgr org ckp kalu miscarriage nk go thru d&c lg skt dr skt beranak..i guess nk deal with the feeling that u actually dh lost the baby is the most painful one strong k dear..ething happens for a reason..dh ade yg menunggu ko di greatest care of yourself k..

  5. Serene Says:


    I actually heard the same thing - that D&C tu sakit gila - dulu2. So when aku kena go thru D&C and a few people said that I won't feel a thing, aku mmg sgt skeptical lah.

    But Alhamdulillah, as it turns out, in my case, mmg tak rasa apa2 pun.. except sakit kena inject kat ponggong before D&C tu..

    The D&C itself mmg tak rasa apa since under GA kan. And after that pun, no pain came, Alhamdulillah.

    Oh yes.. physically I'm OK dah. But emotionally, I thought I was OK, tapi last night my sis came to see me, dia peluk aku je aku terus break down. So, I guess it takes time. :)

    You take care too, slipped discs and all, aku baca pun dah rasa sakit. :( Hope that will go away, soon!