My siblings and I went back to 443 to… 1. attend a bicara pusaka (I think that’s what it’s called) at Pejabat Tanah Temerloh on Friday March 4th and 2. Menunaikan our tanggungjawab to vote in the (now famous) Kerdau election on Sunday 6th March 2011.

I’ll just post photos ye? All photos are courtesy of my youngest brother Fikri or more commonly known as Ipik, who’s learning the arts of taking pictures in school. (Engineering sounds so boring in comparison, eh?)


443 Where we call home. Well, we actually don’t call it home. We call it 443. :)





Atok received a special visitor that Friday.



I’m putting this here just because I love it. Good job, Fikri!



Uncle Lam came up with a brilliant idea on Saturday. Rather than main air lama2 dalam bilik air, baik suruh basuh kereta Aunty Mas!  Cheap labor :P


AdreenaWashCar AdreenaAfiq

Hard at work, taking it seriously!




One for the camera!



Can you tell how much fun they were having?



Of course our balik kampung is not complete without coming here.



Ni kat hujuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuung kampung ni!


Lepas ke kubur, Fikri wanted to go somewhere ‘nice’ to practice his skills. Didn’t plan it, but us girls decided to go with him, and what fun we had!



Paya at Kampung Lipat Kajang. I’m sure the paya has a name. :)



That’s Fikri.



Model model tak berbayar. :D



On our way home from the paya, sengaja lalu ‘jalan besar’ to experience jam yang julung2 kalinya di Kerdau. This was at Simpang Empat Kerdau.



Before we went to Pejabat Tanah that Friday morning:


Afiq: Mama, Aunty Mas kata Abang kena jadi ketua rumah! (Since everybody had to attend the bicara, kids were left at home with Bibik2 berdua.. and Afiq was appointed man-in-charge)

Mama: Yes, Abang kena jaga semua orang k? Make sure semua orang OK.. Jangan gaduh2 ye?

Afiq: OK Mama


When we came home,

Afiq: Mama, Abang dah CUBA dah jaga semua orang, tapi diorang tu bergaduh jugak Mama! Abang tak tauuuu lah nak buat macam mana!


It’s just good to know he’s taking his responsibility seriously. :)


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