I chanced upon this link this morning and was really touched by the tweets. Here are some of those:


* バス停で・・・
バスが全然来ない中、@saiso が、バス停の前にある薬局でカイロを買ってきて、並んで待ってる人みんなに配った!
* At a bus stop...
While waiting for a bus almost eternally, @saiso went into a drugstore in front of the bus stop, bought a bunch of hand warmers and handed them to those waiting for a bus!


* 声をかけること
昨日、裏の家の高1になるお兄ちゃんに感動した。 家に1人で居たらしく、地震後すぐ自転車で飛び出し近所をひと回り。 【大丈夫ですか―――!?】と道路に逃げてきた人達にひたすら声掛けてた。あの時間には老人や母子しか居なかったから、声掛けてくれただけでもホッとしたよ。 ありがとう。
* Showing that you care
This 10th grade boy in my neighbor did a wonderful thing.  He was home alone when the earthquake hit.  When the shock subsided, he went out on his bike and visited his neighbors asking if they were okay.  The quake hit early afternoon on Friday, when most men were at work, away from home and only women and elderly were home.  Thanks, kid.  Your act of kindness and attention helped me and many others calm down.


* バイクでよければ
* If you can bear a motorbike ride...
I was really moved.  A senior colleague of mine at my part-time workplace held up a sign saying "If you can bear a motorbike ride, I will give you a ride home," at a train station when train service was suspended.  He gave a ride to a steeplejack returning to Tokorozawa, Saitama.  I so admire his act of conscience and kindness.  First time in my life I so felt strongly that I want to be of service to others.


* 真っ暗な店内
昨 夜のこと。ある駅近くのコンビニが停電の中自家発電で営業していた。レジに長蛇の列が出来ているさなか、燃料が切れたのか自家発電が切れてレジが動かなく
[by Keiko-san]
*In a dark store
It happened last night. A convenience store near a train station managed to open for business with a power generator. While I was waiting in a long line, the generator stopped, maybe because it ran out of fuel, and the cash register stopped. The entire store was pitch black. Everyone put the things they had in their hands back on the shelves and left, even though no one would've noticed if they walked out with them.

Am truly touched by the selflessness of the Japanese. Something I’m sure we should learn from.

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