It’s 9.10 a.m and I’m writing this from bilik Melur in KPMC. It’s quite ironic that we always seem to get this room whenever we’re admitted at KPMC. Ummi once stayed here, I stayed here once, Afiq stayed here twice I think, so when the nurse brought me here this morning, I almost burst into tears. Ummi’s definitely with me.


Melur – March 2011



Opah & Mariessa @ Melor – July 2008. Opahtak makan sgt bubur, Mariessa yg abiskan!


As Dr J had told us, we were here at 8am. Checking in was a breeze. At 8.45 a nurse came to ‘masukkan’ ubat (I believe this is to ‘dilate’ the pintu rahim). Saya ni penakut, makanya sgt lah berdebar2. The nurse – a lady I’m guessing in her late 40’s (I later learned that her name is Siti Hasnah) upon hearing my nervous sighs, asked ‘takut sakit ke?’. Hehe. Saya mengaku je lah.. Then she said.. ‘Jangan takut2.. tak rasa apa pun nak masukkan ubat ni..kecik je ubatnya’. Then she showed me the ubat, a little smaller than the size of a panadol. Lega lah sikit, but not totally convinced.:)

Alhamdulillah, it turned out mmg tak rasa apa2. A few minutes after that… memang terasa lenguh2 kat lower abdomen.

It’s now 9.30 am, a few minutes ago Nurse Siti Hasnah (from now on will be referred to as NSH. :)) came in, saw me & my laptop and said…. ‘haiiii… sempat lagi buat kerja?’. Heheheh..

She said she wanted to ‘setkan line’. Alaaaaaa…. ni yang malas ni. Saya fobia sikit bab2 jarum ni.

Alhamdulillah… nasib baik NSH terror… sekali cucuk je dah settle…


So now, we’re just waiting. Shahril just came back from breakfast (I’m fasting).

Shahril@Melur The bodyguard

Tolong doakan semuanya berjalan lancar ye?

Oh.. today Afiq ikut Uncle Reez pergi tengok hot air balloons in Putrajaya. TQ Dik!


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  1. maya amir Says:

    ainil...oh my..aku tak tau pun ko preggie..and ni laa baru aku sempat bukak your sorry to hear that.. ade rezeki lain insya Allah beb.. insya Allah.. hang on there ok..btw, sape dr A tu? heheh..ex mahsurian kah?

  2. Serene Says:

    Mr Pirate.. TQ very much..

    Maya.. TQ so much. :) Dr A tu from blue house. Does the name Anita Rina rings a bell to you? :)