I am always amazed at how formal Afiq speaks in bahasa.

The night before we went to the National Science Centre, I told Afiq that we were going to see the dinosaurs.

Afiq: Dinosaurs, Mama? Hmmm.. Dinosaurs tu besar2 kan Mama? Tapi Abang akan PASTIKAN (dengan tangan 2-2 genggam and pushed forward) Abang berani esok!

I was asking him some questions on mathematics.. Like 3 plus 5 becomes...? Or tiga ratus campur lima ratus..? He hesitated at one question,

Afiq: Abang kurang pasti lah Mama.. Biar Abang fikir dulu!

He came to me while I was still baking sausage buns, wanting to salam me and give me a goodnight kiss. After the kiss:

Afiq: Mama, Mama tak habis lagi buat roti? Mama TERLALU banyak bekerja lah Mama!






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  1. The Momster Says:

    Sounds like Imtiyaz when he learnt to speak BM from the cartoons! But he's stopped speaking BM now n i'm getting worried how is he gonna cope in 'big' school later!

    When were u at the Science Centre? We were there Saturday noon. :D