Mariessa’s birthday comes exactly one week after Shahril’s and Afiq’s birthday comes 2 weeks after Mariessa’s.. so understandably, Afiq has been very anxious waiting for his birthday to come. He got upset too a few times, not understanding whyyyyyy his birthday comes so late after Ayah’s and Kakak’s.


Afiq: Mama… KENAPAAAAAAAAAA Mama lahirkan Abang dulu masa sixteen?? (referring to 16th of April). Lambat sangatttt lah Mama, nak tunggu sixteen!


When Little Caliphs threw a birthday party for April babies short 3 days before the 16th, he even refused to acknowledge that he was included as one of those celebrated ones, saying “Birthday Abang sixteen… Hari ni belum sixteen lagi. Abang belum six lagi, Abang masih five!” (Yes, he said MASIH). :D


So 16th finally came. Berseri2 bangun pagi tu. We didn’t plan anything for the day, so in the morning I asked him what does he want for his birthday.


“Abang nak………………. Hmmmm…. Abang nak adik boy lah Mama”.


Aiyak. Why lah dalam banyak2 benda.. he’s asking for something I cannot buy at the store? :). But I thought that was very sweet of him. It took me a while to find the right answer to that.. but I finally told him we’ll keep on praying.


Afiq1Afiq at 1. Of them three, he was the most difficult for us to train on the car seat.

Once (about this age), frustrated that we ignored his crying, he took his shoes off and threw them to the front!

I always had to bring spare baju as when he stopped crying je, he would definitely throw up on me. Every single time!


Garang little boy.


During his 3rd birthday party.


4 year old Afiq and 2 year old Mariessa.


Last year, right after his Myringotomy & Grommet op just a few days after he turned 5, in his baju ‘hensem’.



Ayah surprised him with a new bicycle on his birthday, this year.


(He got upset yesterday after falling a few times, still trying to get use to the bigger bicycle.. I told him with practice, he’ll get better. He answered, “Baiklahhhh… Abang akan terus mencuba!”)


Happy 6th Birthday, Sayang Mama. Semoga membesar jadi anak yang Soleh… yang boleh membimbing adik2, InsyaAllah. We love you soooooooooooooooo much!


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  1. Unknown Says:

    Happy belated birthday Afiq...

  2. Serene Says:

    Thank you Mr Pirate. Hmm.... birthday present? :>:>

  3. maya amir Says:

    terlepas aku entry ni nk wish afiq happy bday..happy belated bday dear.. mase die umo setahun, sebijik muka marriesa.. satu acuan ye dak..hehe