Mariessa is confused on the usage of 'drive' & 'reverse'. For example sometimes when she calls, she'll ask.. "Mama tengah reverse ke ni?" Padahal she wanted to know if I was driving.

So today while waiting in the car for Ayah, she asked,

Mariessa: Mama, kenapa bukan Mama yang reverse?
Afiq: Bukan reverse la Kakak. Drive lah!
Mariessa: Betul la Kakak kata, reverse!
Afiq: Reverse tu kalau nak pegi belakang je la. Kalau drive, kita pegi ke depan!

Ayah came in, and reversed the car a little to go out of the parking space

Mariessa: Haaaa.. Kan Kakak dah kata.. Reverse la ni!!


Right before the 'reverse' conversation...

Seeing Ayah coming towards the car,

Afiq: Haaa.. Tu ayah datang.

Mariessa: Ayyyah Alas solaaaah.. Ayyyaah alas solahhhhh...


Recalling the characters in Mickey Mouse show:

Mariessa: Ada Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Craaaazyyy..

Afiq: Bukan crazy la Kakak! Daisy lah nama dia!!

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4 Responses
  1. The Momster Says:

    Drive n reverse confusion is so cute!! Haha.

  2. Serene Says:

    Haha. I try correcting her every single time she gets it mixed up (which is every time, really).. but so far belum berjaya lagi. :D

  3. shknysf Says:

    Sakit perut lah baca this entry. Kelakar ok Mariessa!