I’m feeling down. Upset. Broken-hearted. List all the negative emotions one can have, chances are.. I feel them. It’s only natural, one doesn’t go through life happily bouncing all the time, kan?


What’s different this time is that, I don’t see a way up. Not here, not from below this wheel I’m currently crushed under. And that’s plain sad. After 7 and a half years I thought the wheel on which I ride up and down and up again and again would never let me down. Not this bad. But it did. It just did. It doesn’t really matter, how long I’ve been here. It does’t matter how I’ve worked my arse off taking up new challenges and make every single one of them work (at least I thought I did, obviously). At the end of the day, it comes down to pleasing some people that matter. “Unfortunately”, pleasing people is something I am clearly not good at.


So, this is it – the third day of my realization that I shouldn’t stay on. Hopefully the day will come sooner than later for me to hop off… and move on. Allah knows best. Of that I’m sure.

O Allah! Make the beginning of this day good, the middle prosperous, and the end successful. I ask You to grant me the good of this world and of the Hereafter, O Most Merciful of all Who show us mercy!

O Allah! Give my soul piety and my conscience purity. You are the Master of my soul and the Guardian of my conscience.

O Allah! I ask You for a resolute mind and firmness in following the guidance. I ask You to make me thankful for Your favour, to be good service to You, and to grant me a sound heart and a truthful tongue. I ask You to grant me what You know to be good and to give me refuge from what is evil, and to forgive me – and You are the Knower of the Unseen.

O Allah! Inspire me with good conduct and save me from the evil of my selfishness. O Allah! I ask You to guide me to the doing of good deeds and abstaining from bad deeds and love those who are humble, and to forgive me and show mercy to me. And if You wish a trail for Your servants, take me to You before falling into it.


O Allah! I ask You for Your love and the love of those who love You, and for the love of every action which will bring me closer to Your love.

Allah! I ask You the best of the request for the best in my supplication, for the best success and the best reward. Strengthen me, make heavier my balance of good, confirm my faith, elevate my rank, accept my worship, and forgive my mistakes, and I ask You for good beginnings, good endings, the totality of goodness, from the first to the last, from within and from without, and I ask of You the highest ranks in the Garden.

O Allah! Grant us the best of outcomes in all our affairs, and save us from disgrace in this world and from punishment in the Hereafter.

O Allah! Grant us such fear of You as will come between us and acts of disobedience to You; such obedience to You as will bring us to Your Garden; and such certainty that the calamities of this world will be made easy for us by You. Let us enjoy our hearing, our sight and our faculties as long as You grant us life, and let it be the last to be taken away from us. Avenge us from those who have wronged us and help us against our enemies. Let no calamity be fall our religion; let not worldly affairs be our greatest care or all about which we know; and Let not those who have no fear of You and who do not show mercy toward us rule over us.

extracted from http://www.ramadaan.co.za/d_oh_Allah_i_ask_of_you.html



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  1. Unknown Says:

    Amin... The best place for us, who are ignored, forgotten and not being appreciated is other better place than here. Gudluck and all the best wishes.

  2. azaalleeaa Says:


    I know how you feel. I have been there and done that....and treated like shit. It may be the signal for you to evaluate yourself and decide the next course of action. Allah always have a better plan for you. I survived and come out stronger.

    hamba Allah
    ex your company as well

  3. Serene Says:

    Incik Ali.. TQ very much.

  4. Serene Says:


    TQ.. it was exactly what I need! :)

  5. Serene Says:


    TQ for dropping by. I hope one day I get to say that too, that I survived and come out stronger.

    Thank you for your kind words. Means a lot to me.

  6. DydD Says:

    Officemate, start updating u-know-what! Hehe.. no point being somewhere that makes u unhappy..been there, done that..take it from me..percayalah! U definitely can survive out there..sure can!

    Fr someone who just hijrah.. :-)