I wanted to blog about this while I was in Melaka… but niat terbantut sebab hotel tu tipu! :P In the website, terang2 tulis Free Wi-Fi for all rooms.. Tapi when I called the receptionist to ask about it, she said it’s only available at the Lobby. Huh! And no remote for the TV in the room? Booooo!!! Troublesome ok, getting out of bed just to change the channel! :P


So anyway.. we went to Pusat Sains Negara on Saturday morning. Adreena was left at home with Bibik as I don’t think it’s going to be much fun for her. When we got to PSN, it was only 9.30 a.m (it opens at 9), parking was still ample but there were already a few buses of school children there. Tickets were sold for RM10 for adults.. and RM5 for kids above 4. But we bought the family package ticket: 2 adults + 2 kids = RM25. Jimat la RM5. :)


We went straight into one of the halls and saw this:


My favourite colour & my  little angels. ;)

Then.. masuk dalam lagi… and saw this pulak:


Masa ni 2 beradik tu dah mula nervous dah, I could tell! Mariessa kat sini pun dah pucat!



Afiq ok lagi masa ni.. Mariessa refused to go anywhere near the dinosaurs dah!!


Then we went into the Dinos Alive Exhibition Hall. I can understand why it’s a little scary for the kids lah. It was dark.. dengan bunyi2 from dinosaurs tu.. and seeing that they ‘move’ too…  I guess it’s a little overwhelming. It was really good, just a little scary.


DinosAliveAyahMariessa See how Mariessa berpaut kat Ayah tu? Hahaha..


Once we were out of the exhibition halls tu, terus OK je diorang. Kalau tak, pucat2 muka masing2. Muahaha.



I think they had the most fun here.


DinosAliveAstronauts My astronauts! ;)



My transformers! (Nampak sgt yang paling hujung tu la paling excited) :P





Din7 (87)

Ni muka lega… sebab dah nak keluar. :D

Din7 (89)

See how big that fish is? It’s just as big as that guy!!


Din7 (99)

One before we head home. It was fun!

As soon as we got out from that place, Mariessa asked..”Mama… boleh tak kita pegi tengok elephant pulak?” :O

The exhibition is only until the 31st of May, in case any of you are interested to go. I’d advice going early though (it opens at 9). By the time we left the place sometime around noon, it was really, really crowded!

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