I'm on my way back from Melaka to Kajang after spending one night there. I have to admit that although I missed Shahril and the kids terribly, I am also thankful to be given some 'me' time too.

Before I left home yesterday morning, I told Afiq and Mariessa that I won't be back for one night.

Afiq: Aaaaapaaaa?? (His bahasa is soooo formal, it's endearing!)

Mariessa: Ok.. Tapi nanti boleh tak Mama belikan Kakak hadiah?

Chis! :p I said no, of course! :p

Anyway, for some reason I'm very indecisive today. I first stopped at R&R Ayer Keroh, thinking I should solat and get something to eat and after that terus aje drive sampai Kajang. I did stop, solat Zuhur, saw nothing interesting to have for lunch and decided to check R&R Seremban later. Sempat beli belacan tho kat R&R Ayer Keroh tu, and some tempe-chips (have never come across this) and errr.. another kind of chips made of tapioca (opak opak?)..

Sampai kat R&R Seremban, too crowded lah pulak.. So now I'm finally having my lunch at Hentian Nilai. :)

Oh anyway.. The initial reason why I'm blogging from this place is this:

I just saw a Malay man, I'm guessing he's about 50 years of age, parked his white Honda Stream, came out from his car.. Went to the other side of the car, opened the door for (I'm assuming it's) his wife (she looks to be around his age), took her hand and they walked hand in hand to the kedai2 makan.

All together now...


Ok.. Time to hit the road again! Have a big 'sausage bun' project to do tonight!
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