It’s the 10th day of the MC.. and I have to say I dread going to the office tomorrow. 10 days flew so quickly it felt like 2 days!

I am truly thankful to be given this 10 days to just stay home and (supposedly) do nothing. This is, indeed one of the many hikmahs of what had happened, I know. Just to be able to spend time with everyone at home is such a big blessing.

The night after the D&C, Shahril and I came home to worried faces of Afiq & Mariessa. My MIL and Wan also came from kampung, siap bawakkan lauk untuk org berpantang. :). BIL and family also came to visit. I especially love how Afiq and Mariessa hovered over me… for instance when we were having dinner that night, I was about to go for the black pepper grilled chicken when Afiq asked, “Mama, Mama boleh ke makan tu? Doctor kata apa? Dia bagi ke Mama makan ayam?” or later that night when I felt dizzy and Shahril brought me to the room for me to lie down, Mariessa came to check whether I was OK and before leaving the room she said, “Mama OK ke sorang2 dalam bilik ni? Kakak nak pegi main dulu dengan Sufia (her cousin my MIL brought along) boleh tak? Kakak tutup pintu k, Kakak tak nak nyamuk masuk sini (padahal nyamuk is never a problem for us at home). Kalau Mama nak apa2.. Mama panggil Kakak k?” :D.

I let myself just be lazy this time, and it felt really good. :). Ada kawan2 pesan, kena berpantang macam lepas bersalin, tapi saya rasa agak ‘pelik’ nak berpantang. So, saya ikut mana yg rasa logic aje. :). One thing i discovered is that, best rupanya pakai stokin dalam rumah all the time. Haha. Tak tau lah kenapa masa berpantang sebelum2 ni tak pernah rasa best pun.

After a few days, maybe seeing that I was getting better.. Afiq one night hinted, “Mama.. Mama dah lama lah tak buat donat”. Mariessa pulak tambah, “Mama.. Kakak rasa macam nak makan donat lah. Mama boleh ke buat?”.

I thought why not? Breadmaker pun dah lamaaaa tersimpan aje.

Donuts Ada sapa2 reti buat chocolate topping for donuts?

Bila dah mula masuk dapur.. tiba2 angin rajin datang (jarang2 berlaku ni)..

NasiLemak Nasi Lemak for breakfast one fine morning, complete dengan rendang kerang all the way from Mesra. TQ Ngah!

Next project was muffin. Ni konon2 buat surprise kat the kids. Afiq of course is my biggest fan. ;)



Simple Chocolate Chips Muffin.

Last night, tiba2 terasa nak buat roti pulak. Tak ingat bila last buat roti pun.


Cadangnya nak buat sausage bun je..




Tapi doh ada lebih sikit.. and kebetulan ada left over sambal tumis.. so, sumbat aje la.. :)

I know I’m going to miss the kids so much tomorrow when I’m at work. I’m going to miss them shouting “Mama! Mama!” when the van dropped them off from school, as if they haven’t seen me in days! I’m going to miss spending the mornings only with Adreena at home. I’m going to miss having Shahril home for lunch. :(

AfiqMarch MariessaMarch

AdreenaAriani1_1 ShahrilLunch (You can never guess what Shahril was watching oh so seriously like this… it’s Chuggington!)

I don't know why it took me so long to discover how to do this, but better late than never eh? Yay me, nonetheless!
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It’s Shahril’s 36th birthday today. Didn’t do much, except we went out on a date last night to watch Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa.. and I bought him a cake today.


Bought the cake from Anna, whose blog I found via Ida. :) Was pleasantly surprised to find out that we’re staying in the same taman and that prompted me to order from her. :) It was nice meeting you Anna! *waves*



Oreo Cheese Cake. Yummmyyyyyy!!!

(I ordered this a few weeks ago, when I was evidently craving for everything Oreo.. from the cookies, to Oreo McFlurry to Oreo Cheesecake. It hurt a little today when picking it up, recalling why I chose this particular cake. :( )


He turns 36 today! :)



Singing happy birthday to Ayah. Just us.

(Afiq was a little disappointed that I invited no one else. In his words: “Aaaaapaaaaa?? Kita je? Kenapa Mama tak ajak ramai2?”. )


Orang lain dah habis nyanyi.. Adreena baru nak start! :P


AfiqMariessaBdayAyah1 AfiqMariessaBdayAyah2

Shahril went out for a haircut while I went to pick up the cake with Afiq and Mariessa in tow. Bought some balloons as well while buying the candles. Told them not to mention a thing when Ayah comes home, knowing very well they will surely do anyway. The moment Shahril came back…

Afiq: Ayah… takde beli kek punnnnnnnnnnnn….



To my dearest husband, Happy 36th birthday, love. Thank you for your love, your wisdom and above everything else… thank you for being my strength when I am at my weakest.

I love you with all my being.



Nota sedih: 2 years ago on his 34th birthday, I surprised him with a present: wrapped nicely in a box was a positive pregnancy test kit. A test I did 2 mornings earlier – I was 5 weeks pregnant with Adreena then. I cannot help but to wish the exact opposite didn’t actually happen this time around.

The next thing I know, the nurse was calling my name. I felt like I was in a deep deep sleep. I tried opening my eyes, but I don’t think I succeeded. From then on everything was ‘on and off’. I thought I felt they were pushing the bed and then I was out again. Moments later I felt them moving me again.

I drifted in and out of consciousness after that but everything was quiet. I opened my eyes a few times and I knew I was back in Melur. Saw Shahril hovering over me, calling my name but by the time I wanted to answer I drifted out again..

But during one of those times that I was concious, I heard Shahril whispering into my ear…”Alhamdulillah” and I felt kisses on my forehead and on my cheeks. It was THE sweetest thing ever, and I knew I was going to be alright.

When I could finally open my eyes and (held them open), I heard Azan (Asar). Shahril came beside me the moment I turned my head, asking if I needed something to drink.

I waited for the pain to come or at least any kind of soreness. But Alhamdulillah, no pain, not even sore.

I drifted in and out of sleep still.. but longer intervals  this time. At 5.30, I finally had Milo and bun jagung. :D (I asked Shahril to buy me Milo and roti when he went for lunch, just in case I would be hungry after the D&C, and I thought it was sweet that he bought bun jagung because it’s my absolute favourite & I didn’t know he noticed. For a guy yang kadang2 beli susu anak pun boleh tersalah flavour setelah dipesan beberapa kali (it’s plain tau.. not honey.. the packaging is white.. not yellowish, tengok betul betul tau) and still comes out of the store with a honey flavoured one, a small detail like this definitely means a lot. (See how easy it is to please a woman?).

Nurse came at about 5.40 to tell us that when I feel OK enough, we can go home. She said maybe 8- 8.30 is the best time to go home.

Afiq called at 6pm.. sounding worried.

Afiq: Mama.. Mama kat hospital lagi ke ni?

Mama: Iyer.. Sekejap lagi Mama Ayah balik ok?

Afiq: Tapi.. Abang nak pegi tengok Mama (on the verge of crying).

Mama: Takpela.. Abang tunggu je kat rumah. Sekejappppppp lagi, Mama Ayah balik ok?

Afiq: Mama balik la cepat. Abang rindu sangat kat Mama.

Mama: (nak nangis dah masa ni). Mama pun rinduuuuu kat Abang. Abang tunggu Mama k?

Afiq: Ok.. Mama cakap ngan Kakak pulak…. Kakak… come cakap ngan Mama

Mariessa: Mama.. Mama… (nangis)

Afiq: (whispering): Kakak… cakap ngan Mama.. Kakak rindu kat Mama.. nanti Mama balik

Mariessa: Mama… (nangis)… Kakak rindu kat Mama…. Mama balik la….

Mama: OK sayang.. Mama siap2 sekejap.. lepas tu Mama balik k?

I didn’t feel like staying at the hospital anymore after the call.. so at 6.30 I told Shahril I’m ready to make a move. Took my time to get up.. change.. and right after Shahril performed his Maghrib prayer, we headed home.


At about 2.05pm, as NSH told me earlier, a nurse came with a wheel chair to bring me to the labor room. And true enough, once I moved I literally felt blood gushing out, it was scary. There were blood on the floor as I moved from the bed to the wheel chair… and I wondered if I was going to die because of that, Drama Queen that I am. Shahril looked panicked for once too. Since I was told D&C is a very short procedure, I told Shahril to go for his Zuhur prayer and get his lunch while I was in the labor room.

I was wheeled into Labor Room 2. I’ve never been into that room, Mariessa & Adreena were both born in Labor Room 1. A few nurses were already waiting for me and they helped me get onto the ‘bed’ and I remember looking at the clock on the wall.. and it was 2.10pm.

The room was a small one and cold. I’m not sure whether it was the air cond or if it was because I was nervous, but I was shivering.

It felt like forever – the waiting. Lots of things came to mind at that moment eventhough I tried my best not to think of anything. I thought what if I die? I mean, I know now that D&C is very, very common, but things can happen for no reason, kan? I wondered if I had said enough I love you’s to the people I love. Thought about Afiq, Mariessa & Adreena… and I wondered if I was doing the right thing. It was too late to consider running away.. but the thought did come to mind.

I asked the nurse if it was ‘normal’ that I was bleeding so badly (I could feel warmth from the blood going down my legs) but she assured me that it was OK and it was actually better that way. One of the nurses came later to check on me and asked how far along I was. I told her 10 weeks, and she asked ‘anak nombor berapa’. I said 4. And then she said “ohhhhhhh” – (with her tone going down) and said something else to sooth me something along the line of… ‘takpe.. dah ada 3… boleh try lagi lepas ni… etc’.

That’s the kind of reaction I had difficulty reacting to, if I may say so honestly. I mean, I do appreciate the sympathy and the kind words, but I wish I could say the fact that this is my number four, does not make it any easier for me. I’m not being ungrateful, I thank Allah every second for blessing me with my 3 little angels… but a loss is a loss. When people act as if it’s not a big deal just because it’s my no 4, it hurts. It really does. But I did not say anything, I didn’t think she would have understood.

Dr J finally came at 2.35 pm. He came in, took a look at me.. and just before one of the nurses put the oxygen mask over my nose I thought I heard Shahril’s voice. I turned my head towards the door and I saw him standing there. That calmed me somehow, knowing he was there.

The nurse then put the oxygen mask on my nose and told me to ‘tarik nafas macam biasa’. It’s funny, because the moment she said that I totally forgot how to breathe! I had to ‘pause’ and tell myself to breathe in and breathe out, even then I didn’t know if I was doing it right. The mask was kinda big that it covered the corner of my eyes as well, but Dr J came beside me and told me to keep my eyes open. I felt that he injected something via my IV line… I concentrated on the lights above me and I felt he injected the second time.

And then I was gone.

When I posted my last entry, I was actually planning to write on my whole D&C experience as soon as I could for me to remember and maybe for others who’s looking for information… and I thought I would be able to do so the moment the anesthetics has worn out. But obviously that didn’t happen.

Continuing from my last entry, after inserting my IV line, I asked NSH what’s next and she told she’ll be coming around 12 to give me an injection. Dengar je perkataan ‘injection’ tu, saya pun terus blur.. and didn’t ask further.

Nothing happened in between that time to 12, except I almost finish watching Julie & Julia (very good movie, it turns out). At about 12.10, NSH came. Baru tu lah saya tanya.. injection tu untuk apa & kat mana, and she said it’s to ‘bagi bleeding banyak lagi… pastu bagi ada contraction la sikit’ and it’s given kat punggung. Aiyak.

For the record, I can safely say that the injection kat punggung tu was the most painful part of the whole thing. To some people, that pain can possibly be neglected all together, but for me, that was the highlight lah. Hehe.

Once that’s done, NSH told me that at around 2, a nurse will come and bring me to the labor room.

True enough, not long after the injection, I felt some pain. Not as intense as ‘real’ contractions are, but enough to make me me feel uncomfortable. I could feel I was bleeding more heavily and for some reason I did not dare move. I had this strange notion that if I move, blood will just gush out and that scares the heck out of me.

As the time was approaching 2 pm.. I got more nervous. Masa ni mula la datang mengada2 saya kan. Wanted Shahril to sit on the bed with me lah, wanted him to hold my hand lah, asking him whether he loves me or not lah. Mula2 dia layan jugak lah, dah lama2 tu..he just said..”dah.. dah.. jangan fikir bukan2. InsyaAllah, semua OK nanti”. Tu kira dah malas nak layan la tu. Hehe.

At 2.05 pm, a nurse came with a wheel chair……


(to be continued)


It’s 9.10 a.m and I’m writing this from bilik Melur in KPMC. It’s quite ironic that we always seem to get this room whenever we’re admitted at KPMC. Ummi once stayed here, I stayed here once, Afiq stayed here twice I think, so when the nurse brought me here this morning, I almost burst into tears. Ummi’s definitely with me.


Melur – March 2011



Opah & Mariessa @ Melor – July 2008. Opahtak makan sgt bubur, Mariessa yg abiskan!


As Dr J had told us, we were here at 8am. Checking in was a breeze. At 8.45 a nurse came to ‘masukkan’ ubat (I believe this is to ‘dilate’ the pintu rahim). Saya ni penakut, makanya sgt lah berdebar2. The nurse – a lady I’m guessing in her late 40’s (I later learned that her name is Siti Hasnah) upon hearing my nervous sighs, asked ‘takut sakit ke?’. Hehe. Saya mengaku je lah.. Then she said.. ‘Jangan takut2.. tak rasa apa pun nak masukkan ubat ni..kecik je ubatnya’. Then she showed me the ubat, a little smaller than the size of a panadol. Lega lah sikit, but not totally convinced.:)

Alhamdulillah, it turned out mmg tak rasa apa2. A few minutes after that… memang terasa lenguh2 kat lower abdomen.

It’s now 9.30 am, a few minutes ago Nurse Siti Hasnah (from now on will be referred to as NSH. :)) came in, saw me & my laptop and said…. ‘haiiii… sempat lagi buat kerja?’. Heheheh..

She said she wanted to ‘setkan line’. Alaaaaaa…. ni yang malas ni. Saya fobia sikit bab2 jarum ni.

Alhamdulillah… nasib baik NSH terror… sekali cucuk je dah settle…


So now, we’re just waiting. Shahril just came back from breakfast (I’m fasting).

Shahril@Melur The bodyguard

Tolong doakan semuanya berjalan lancar ye?

Oh.. today Afiq ikut Uncle Reez pergi tengok hot air balloons in Putrajaya. TQ Dik!


First and foremost, I would like to thank everyone who left comments, emailed, smsed, bbmed and called. I truly appreciate your kind gestures and they have helped me tremendously, knowing I have people who care. Thank you, so much!

Emotionally, I’m feeling better today Alhamdulillah. Haven’t cried this morning, at least. :)

Physically though, I’m feeling a little worse than yesterday. Am bleeding heavily, with clots sometimes (I hope this is not too much of an information to share). Cramps are getting more errr… ‘tighter’ and painful. Feeling a little dizzy too. I contemplated going to KPMC this morning instead of waiting until tomorrow when I woke up, but after much consideration and googling, I decided I’ll wait. First, because I read that natural miscarriage may happen by itself and I probably can avoid going through D&C after all, and secondly my trusted gynae won’t be around today. He’s a Prof and I understand that he’s teaching on Friday. Although I am very sure he’ll come anyway if he needs to. Thirdly, there’s this urgent report I need to submit, hopefully i can get it done (and over with) :).

Before I go on, please be warned that I am planning to pour my heart out. Because I need to and because I want to. This may turn out very lengthy, so I might bore you guys. Don’t say I didn’t warn you eh? :)

The truth is, we didn’t plan for this pregnancy to happen. I was still on pills and Adreena was still breastfed. I was also on my mission to lose weight with the help of PB, and in fact lost 4kgs in January. In February though, I wondered why I didn’t lose any more weight. I thought I did everything right, I wore PB 8 hours a day and everyday, I ate right, ok I didn’t exercise la kan.. but I thought I should at least lose some weight anyway. Then I started to wonder when I couldn’t stand Shahril’s perfume, I was exhausted almost all the time and was hungry all the time too. So out of curiosity, I went and bought the pregnancy test kit.

I have to admit I was really shock to find out I was indeed pregnant. I did the self test early Monday morning (21st Feb). When I showed the test kit to Shahril who was still sleeping, he asked…

Him: So maksudnya apa?

:P You’d think after 3 kids he would know eh? Hehe

Me: Maksudnya.. I AM lah!

Him: Haaaaa….. BAGUS lah!!!

I sat there termenung, mixed feelings. Of course la bersyukur, at the same time takut, feeling a little guilty too as Adreena’s only 15 months old. Mcm2 lah.


Went to see our gynae the next day. Did ultrasound but he said he can only determine the due date in the next checkup. I thought nothing of it.


Took me a few days to absorb the news but once the shock is over, needless to say I was a very happy lady. After all, I always say I enjoy being pregnant. I do. Maybe because my pregnancies were relatively easy. No muntah2, just mild nausea. Paling teruk pun, prolonged batuk aje.


I did feel a little different this time around though. No demam, and no batuk2 – my usual pregnancy symptoms. Instead, kena allergy pulak. But I thought, maybe I’m getting old.. so symptoms are different.

When we broke the news to the kids… Afiq was happy and cool – definitely macam Ayah.

Afiq: Mama.. kena baby boy tau? Baru la Abang ada kawan!

Mama: Hmmm.. Nanti kita doa sama2 k? Tapi.. kalau baby girl pun, takpela. Abg jadi special la, sebab abang soranggggg je anak Mama yang boy.

Afiq: Special? Hmmm…. *pause*….. Tapi Mama, kalau tak special sangat pun takpe lah. Lagi best kalau Abang ada adik boy.

Mama: Hmmm ok, ok… Nanti kita doa sama2 ye?


Mariessa on the other hand, was confused…

Mariessa: Baby? Adik? Kenapa kena ada adik lagi? Adreena kan dah ada?



So.. our checkup was scheduled on Saturday, 19th March – that is tomorrow. But on Wednesday I noticed a brownish discharge. Went to see our normal GP who told me to observe my condition first and if it worsen to consult my gynae. He did mention the word abortion somewhere, somehow, but I chose to ignore it.

I went to work as usual yesterday. But at 10, I discovered I was bleeding. No more brownish discharge. Excused myself from work, and shakily drove to Shahril’s office. Went to KPMC.

When I entered the gynae’s room, there were also 2 ladies inside. I figured they were also doctors and were observing / learning from my gynae. One of them looked very familiar though.

Anyway, I told my gynae of my bleeding and he asked me to lie down for ultrasound. Kerut2 dahi sikit… tekan2… then he sighed. He looked at me and said..

Dr J: Hmmm… tak menjadi lah. The size (of the fetus) pun smaller than it was 3 weeks ago. Maybe that’s why it was not clear last time too.


My tears started to flow.

Dr A (the one who looked familiar): It’s OK dear. This is actually quite common. 1 in 6 women have to go through this. Don’t be so sad, ok? InsyaAllah, mungkin rezeki lain kali.


Then we discussed the options. I was crying shamelessly and I didn’t really care even if the whole world was watching.

While waiting for our turn at the pharmacy, all the doctors came out from the room (it was lunch break). Dr A came out and sat nearby. I decided to to approach her.

Me: Excuse me Dr. You look very familiar. Do you happen to be an ex-TKCian?

Dr. A: I am!

She happens to be my senior at school. She was in Form 5 when I was in Form 1. Of course she didn’t remember la kan? :)

Talking to her was probably the best thing that happened yesterday. Being a gynae and having go through miscarriage a few times herself, I found peace and strength just talking to her. I am so thankful Allah sent her my way. Truly He works in mysterious ways.

Before we parted ways, Dr A asked for my phone number (it should have been the other way round, it didn’t occur to me, duh!), and told me to call her anytime if I needed anything. You’re an angel, Dr A. You are.

I texted her last night, thanking her for her kind words. She smsed back ensuring me I can call her anytime.

I texted her again early this morning, as I wasn’t sure whether I should head to KPMC due to my heavy bleeding.

She called a few hours later apologizing profusely for not replying my sms immediately as her phone was off therefore she had just received my sms. I cannot describe how thankful I am for her, her call meant a lot. Thank you again, Dr. A!

Anyway… after the hospital yesterday, we went home. My eyes were bengkak and kids were really concerned.

Told Afiq & Mariessa that baby is not coming to us this time around. They don’t really understand it I guess. At least that’s what I thought.

A few hours after I came home, I poured my heart out to my sister via the phone. Mariessa was sleeping beside me. After I hang up, I realized that Mariessa wasn’t actually sleeping. She was just lying there, termenung.

After a moment of silence, she came to me, threw herself at me, cried her heart out and said… “Mama…. baby dah takde”

Oh my god, how my heart broke. Never in my conversation had I mentioned that, so it was really her own conclusion. We hugged for a long, long time and we both cried. God bless her beautiful soul, this angel of mine.

Today I am constantly asked by the kids whether I’m OK.. whether I need anything, whether I want to lie down instead of sitting down, whether I need a glass of water… etc. I am lucky. I know.


So, if everything goes as planned, I’ll be checking myself in at KPMC at 8am tomorrow morning. Puasa in the morning, D&C at 2 pm and maybe at 6pm I’'ll be allowed to go home. I would appreciate if you could send a little prayer my way tomorrow as I am really scared. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.


When something like this happens, I guess it’s inevitable to blame oneself. Was it my hesitation upon finding out? Did my baby ‘merajuk’ that instead of jumping with joy, I sat down staring into space thinking of the pregnancy? Did I eat something wrong? Did I ‘rough’ it out? What did I do? Or maybe it’s something I didn’t do?


When I was pregnant with Afiq, I did wonder whether I’ll be a good mom. I didn’t even like kids to begin with, honestly. Will I be able to love my son as much as I love my husband? Can love really be multiplied that way, or does it have to be divided? But the moment I laid eyes on Afiq.. I knew I didn’t have to choose. I love my 2 boys just as much! But when I was carrying Mariessa, I wondered the same. Can I give her as much love? It’s easy to love one husband and one child. But another child? Of course, I was proven wrong again, as Mariessa brought so much joy and I found myself loving and be loved by 3 wonderful wonderful souls. So when Adreena came into our lives… I have no doubt that we will all love her with all our hearts, and what an angel my lucky no 3 is.

It’s a mother’s nature I assume, that when we find out we’re pregnant, we are automatically ready to guard our babies with our own lives. I won’t have it any other way.

We are blessed to know you for a month, baby love. Even in that very short period of time, you’ve brought us so much happiness. I’ve always looked forward to spend time with you in the car on my way to work and back, I love singing Maher Zain’s songs to you when we’re stuck in traffic and I’m sorry you’ve had to bear with me complaining about the traffic. Please know that I love you so, so much and you’ll be in my heart.. forever.

A few weeks back, Shahril & I were pleasantly surprised to find out we were expecting.

As I hinted in the teaser in my previous post, we were scheduled to see our gynae this Saturday for our second check up.


But today, at 10 weeks, we were told that it’s not meant to be.


"Whatever Allah takes away or gives, belongs to Him"

The daughter of the Prophet (SAWS) sent for him as her child was dying, but the Prophet (SAWS) returned the messenger and sent her good wishes saying, "Whatever Allah takes away or gives, belongs to Him, and everything with Him has a limited fixed term (in this world), and so she should be patient and anticipate Allah's reward."


Physically, I’m OK, Alhamdulillah. Bleeding not so heavily, ada cramp2 sikit kat perut, a little uncomfortable, especially knowing what’s going on inside, but not exactly in much pain. D&C is scheduled for Saturday. Am nervous and scared, to be honest.

Emotionally… well… I will be OK, InsyaAllah. In time.



Ngah.. TQ so much for this!

This morning:


Mariessa (still in pyjamas): Mama, hari ni sekolah kakak cuti lagi ke?

Mama: Ha-ah.. kan Teacher kata cuti seven days? Hari ni baru hari number two.

Mariessa: Hah????!!! Baaaaruuuuu number two? two… three… four… fai.. six.. seven… Hahh!! Lamaaanya!!!

Mama: Lagi five days je Kakak.

Mariessa: *pause*… Tapi… kalau Kakak nak pegi sekolah jugak, boleh tak Mama?

Mama: Tak boleh, sayang. Kat Little Caliphs takde orang. Semuaaaaa orang cuti.

Mariessa: Teacher pun cuti?

Mama: Ha-ah.. Teacher pun cuti.

Mariessa: Tapi mana Mama tau? Kalau Teacher ada kat sekolah macam mana? Nanti Teacher tungguuuuuu je Kakak datang. Kesian Teacher, Mama.

Mama: Takde lah, Kakak.. Mama tau… Teacher semua cuti. Nanti lagi five days, baru la sekolah k?

Mariessa: Mama pegi lah tengok dulu kat sekolah Kakak.

Mama: Ok ok, nanti Mama pegi tengok ok?


I hope this means she’s enjoying school. :) Have to ask Shahril to bring the kids jalan2 depan Little Caliphs one of these mornings. :)



A teaser


Shahril & I are meeting someone very, very, VERY special this Saturday.





Who?? Well…  tungguuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu…. :D








Will definitely blog about it after the meeting, hopefully complete with a picture. :)

Watch this space! ;)

I chanced upon this link this morning and was really touched by the tweets. Here are some of those:


* バス停で・・・
バスが全然来ない中、@saiso が、バス停の前にある薬局でカイロを買ってきて、並んで待ってる人みんなに配った!
* At a bus stop...
While waiting for a bus almost eternally, @saiso went into a drugstore in front of the bus stop, bought a bunch of hand warmers and handed them to those waiting for a bus!


* 声をかけること
昨日、裏の家の高1になるお兄ちゃんに感動した。 家に1人で居たらしく、地震後すぐ自転車で飛び出し近所をひと回り。 【大丈夫ですか―――!?】と道路に逃げてきた人達にひたすら声掛けてた。あの時間には老人や母子しか居なかったから、声掛けてくれただけでもホッとしたよ。 ありがとう。
* Showing that you care
This 10th grade boy in my neighbor did a wonderful thing.  He was home alone when the earthquake hit.  When the shock subsided, he went out on his bike and visited his neighbors asking if they were okay.  The quake hit early afternoon on Friday, when most men were at work, away from home and only women and elderly were home.  Thanks, kid.  Your act of kindness and attention helped me and many others calm down.


* バイクでよければ
* If you can bear a motorbike ride...
I was really moved.  A senior colleague of mine at my part-time workplace held up a sign saying "If you can bear a motorbike ride, I will give you a ride home," at a train station when train service was suspended.  He gave a ride to a steeplejack returning to Tokorozawa, Saitama.  I so admire his act of conscience and kindness.  First time in my life I so felt strongly that I want to be of service to others.


* 真っ暗な店内
昨 夜のこと。ある駅近くのコンビニが停電の中自家発電で営業していた。レジに長蛇の列が出来ているさなか、燃料が切れたのか自家発電が切れてレジが動かなく
[by Keiko-san]
*In a dark store
It happened last night. A convenience store near a train station managed to open for business with a power generator. While I was waiting in a long line, the generator stopped, maybe because it ran out of fuel, and the cash register stopped. The entire store was pitch black. Everyone put the things they had in their hands back on the shelves and left, even though no one would've noticed if they walked out with them.

Am truly touched by the selflessness of the Japanese. Something I’m sure we should learn from.

You can also make a donationfor the emergency disaster relief efforts via Groupon Malaysia (which promises to donate as much - for every RM3 we donate, they'll donate RM3 more, up to RM25,000). The money will go directly to the Japanese Red cross via Malaysia's Red Crescent Society. Let’s do our bit! Even a small donation can go a long way!

For the first time ever, (is it really? I have no idea why I’ve never done this before).. a food review.:)
Shahril & I saw this restaurant on our way back from the bank last night.

The moment I saw “Chinese Muslim Cuisine”… I’m hooked!

So, we decided to have dinner there tonight. 
 What does Homst mean? Anyone?

Very simple, very clean interior.

What's on the menu...

 Ok, I got carried away, rasa macam nak order semua! 

But Shahril is not a big eater, and I.. well, I try to eat smaller than Shahril does.. (yeah right :P).. so…
Yup.. just this.

Haha.. Who am I trying to fool? :P That is small plain rice.. priced at RM 1.20 per plate. Bila dah balik rumah baru I realized though, the bill stated RM1.50 x 2. According to the menu 1.50 is for a bigger portion. Oh well.
The first to arrive - Kangkung Belacan (Small – RM 7). Smelled so sedap! The portion is big enough for 3 people I think. In our case, I have to finish this lah, Shahril macam budak kecik, kalau sayur.. kena paksa dia makan.. :P The kangkung was crunchy, the belacan was just nice.. A little too salty kalau ratah macam tu je, but kalau dengan nasik, perfecto! Oh.. a little pedas for me, but Shahril kata… “tak pedas pun?” – pastu minum air. :P
This one is called Wet Buttered Chicken (Small – RM13). When it first arrived, I thought Whoa, it looked almost exactly like Masak Lomak Cili Api,who would’ve thought?! Siap dengan cili api bits lagi. Hehe. When I tasted it, memang rasa macam masak lomak cili api, only creamier! Haha. I like this a lot. This was very very nice, but.. still a little too pedas for me. I have to warn you though, my ‘too pedas’  usually means very mild to my siblings.. so you might not want to take my word on the kepedasan. :D Kalau ada bun, cicah dengan kuah dia… huiii… sodap!

Fried Wantan (RM 3.80 for 5 pieces). This, sebulat suara was our favourite! The filling was unbelievably tasty! Two thumbs up.

and our drinks:
Iced Barley (RM2) for me and Iced Lemon Tea (RM1.50) for Shahril.

The bill for tonight. Not bad at all I think.
In case anyone is interested to try out. :). I’ll definitely come back for more. Cantonese Kuey Teow is next, most definitely! :D